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Jesse John Francis Clark

Jesse John Francis Clark is an internationally known executive professional, and entrepreneur who is an expert in sales and marketing.  

Born with severe Hemophilia, Clark founded HemoAware Corporation, a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of people with inherited bleeding disorders through advocacy, education, and technology.

Jesse studied CRISPR: Gene-Editing Applications through Harvard University to better understand how CRISPR could be used to treat genetic diseases such as Hemophilia and has launched Fixx Pharmaceuticals to develop the next generation of treatment for Hemophilia and other related bleeding disorders through gene editing.  

Jesse and his team are also currently trying to develop the next-generation, Electronic Medical Record (EMR) software to reduce medical errors and provide more efficient care.

Jesse John Francis Clark

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Jesse talks about the pharma industry, his daily routine and even aliens 

Jesse John Francis Clark


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