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Jesse John Francis Clark

Jesse's Book


This is a story of one man's journey to success. In 2010, Jesse started a wedding videography company called SureShot Videography out of the basement of his home. It quickly became the largest wedding videography company in New England shooting up to seven weddings a day. However, Jesse soon found out that he was undercapitalized and, in turn, understaffed which led to a delay in getting the client’s orders out the door. In the fall of 2012, one of Jesse’s clients contacted Connecticut’s NBC Troubleshooters to complain about the delay. To make the story more salacious, NBC Troubleshooters got the Boston NBC affiliate station to run a concurrent story calling Jesse a “Scam Artist.”

After these stories aired, they were subsequently posted on Facebook and thousands of people shared the story. The media were camping outside of Jesse’s home to take pictures of him and his family for their story. Jesse pushed a cameraman out of the way and was later arrested for “assault and battery” and served 50 days in jail.

With all of this going on, NBC and other networks were running more stories on Jesse. The Massachusetts Attorney General filed a civil lawsuit and several other clients filed small claims against Jesse.  With all of the negative press and mounting legal woes, Jesse closed his business and his wife filed for divorce and took both of his children. Jesse soon found himself back at his childhood home sleeping on an inflatable mattress.

In the book, Jesse shares his side of the story and how he overcame this low point in his life. Jesse intimately shares his struggles with hemophilia, depression, self-worth, recovery and ultimately pushing through it all and coming out on top! Jesse lays out some very simple steps to help anyone get to the next level in their lives.

Follow Jesse on this journey and along the way you will learn how to overcome all of the stuff that life throws at you and help you get to any level of success that you desire for your own life.



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