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Attorney Nicholas Frye is a Loser!

Updated: Jun 12, 2022

Attorney Nicholas Frye
Ding Dong

I was in the spotlight in 2012 after I was falsely accused of “scamming” couples out of wedding videos. What you don’t know is that I was undercapitalized which in turn caused my company to be understaffed to get the product out in a reasonable time. After a client went to the news to complain about the service, that’s when the floodgates opened and my life was forever changed. I was all over the media. They were parked outside my residence in Massachusetts lying in wait to get their shot to publish their story. My ex-wife couldn’t handle the media attention and I lost my family. At one point I found myself sleeping on a blow-up mattress in my childhood home until I could get back on my feet. I’m actually in the process of completing a book telling my side of the story but I needed to get this statement out to the general public now. You will be able to read the book for free in Q4 of 2020 at

For now, I will say this: I noticed my name was recently in the news again and, when I’m in the news, Attorney Nicholas Frye is also in the news. You see, he is a leech. He uses my name to get publicity. Back in 2012, he represented a couple of former clients of mine who filed small claims against me. He was fresh out of law school and he thought this was his chance to rise to fame. Attorney Nicholas Frye obtained a couple of default judgments since I did not bother to appear at the hearings. At one point, Attorney Nicholas Frye was so excited, he actually put one of the judgments in a frame and hung it up in his office. He was proud. What he later found out is that judgments are useless unless you can collect on it. Ever since then he has been sour and envious that I walked away and moved on with my life. Attorney Nicholas Frye likes to talk about me in the news and, when he does, he likes to sound like a tuff guy. I get an alert every time my name appears on Google and yesterday I saw this article. The Telegram & Gazette based out of Worcester, Massachusetts, always gets the facts wrong. There are actually too many errors in the article to refute here. However, I did get a good laugh when Attorney Nicholas Frye said that I’m “one of the most vile and depraved criminals I have ever encountered in my entire time as a criminal defense attorney.” Attorney Nicholas Fye missed that day in law school about the presumption of innocence.

You see Nick, you are a nobody. When was the last time your name was in the news other than when it’s attached to my name? That’s right, never. You are a loser. You will always be a small town-no name criminal defense attorney. I found it funny that the Telegram titled the article Lawyer begs Mass. attorney general for criminal case against wedding videographer. You are accustomed to begging, Nick, just like when you begged your ex-wife, Leanne Beliveau, to come back after she left you and took your daughter away from you. Being a single dad sucks doesn’t it, Nick? Being alone all week patiently waiting for your next visit with your kid all while knowing Leanne is fornicating with someone else? Did she leave you because of your alcohol issues or was it the abuse? I think both. Take a look at yourself before talking bad about me.

You are clearly not perfect.

Nicholas P. Frye Intoxicated and Fell in a Lake

Here what I know about Nicholas P. Frye:

Nicky boy was born on September 19, 1986, and currently rents a condo in Brighton, Massachusetts. Nicholas Frye is the son of Paula Frye and Randall Frye. Nick also has a brother, Dustin. I hate that name, Dustin.

Nicholas Frye’s parent’s had their home foreclosed on and was sold to the highest bigger at auction on August 10, 2011. It’s interesting that the foreclosing law firm was handled by my previous employer, Harmon Law Offices PC. As a result of the default on the mortgage, Nick’s parent’s filed a Chapter 13 bankruptcy and received a discharge on April 12, 2017.

Randall Frye & Paula Frye Bankruptcy

Nick is following in his mom and dad’s footsteps, he doesn’t have a pot to piss in either.

Stick a fork in it, Nick.

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