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  • Jesse John Francis Clark

Everything You Need to Know About Money

Jesse John Francis Clark

When I was a kid, I would watch my father leave the house early in the morning and he would come home late at night. I understood he had a job as a chef but what I didn’t understand was why he needed to work all those hours to cook food. As I got into my early teens, I figured it out. His pay was based on how many hours he worked. The more hours he worked, the more money he was paid. Sometimes he had to work two jobs because, well, the first job didn’t pay enough.

Money is fake. It’s there so we don’t kill each other just to eat. It’s literally proprietary paper (75% cotton and 25% linen) with symbolic pictures on it. We did have a barter system where I could give my fur coat to Mike and Mike could give me his saber tooth tiger necklace and that’s how transactions were done, a coincidence of wants. However, what If I didn’t have anything that someone wanted to barter so that’s where money came into play. Money was once backed by gold. If I had X amount of money in my possession, there was X amount of gold in the bank that I could exchange with. This was called the gold standard. Well, not anymore, the gold standard was eliminated in 1971. What we have today is called fiat money. In simpler terms, its literally digits in a computer. If the government wants to put more money into the economy, they just enter more digits in a computer.

Everyone wants to make a lot of money. The more money you have, the more freedom you get. However, there is something against you and that’s time. The clock never stops. You spend all those years in elementary school and then you make it all the way to high school just to graduate and start as a freshman in college. People choose this path because they want to get a degree which will allow them to earn a nice salary but what happens when you finally enter this matrix? You start the bottom of the totem pole and then it takes you several years to start making some decent money but by the time you reach this point inflation makes it even harder to obtain what you really want. Then, if you want a professional license, like becoming a lawyer or doctor you lose more years trying to achieve that just to enter into a saturated market. If you follow this road, you are, pardon my French, royally fucked. You were fucked right from the point where you entered elementary school. Why? Because school is a waste of time. You only need to know the basics and that will be enough to get you through life. Basic math, reading, writing, some history and basic science. That’s it. If there is something that interests you, you can learn it on your own by using the device currently in front of you. I honestly believe we are born with everything we ever need to know and more; we just don’t know how to access that information. We were put through a broken system, and it cost us a lot of time. I remember getting credit cards in the mail with a 25K limits at 18 years old. They know what they are doing. They know damn well an 18 year old kid can’t make enough to pay that off. The system is rigged. Now, the people who didn’t go to college are smart, they just don’t know it. Some of the richest people on this planet didn’t go to college. Why? Because they were able to use the time they would have wasted in college to build a fucking empire.

Now, how do we make up for lost time? Well, people, that are no different or smarter than you have money. You must get it from their pocket and into your pocket. How do we do that? By offering one of two things, a product or service. I know some people are not cut out to start a business and will end up working for someone and that’s fine. If that is the life you want to live, then live it just don’t complain about not getting to where you want to be in life. For example, you could be a hair stylist, but you need to see X amount of people to get X amount of money. The more people you see, the more time you waste getting X amount of money. You are a one-man band, even if you see clients every hour of the day for a year, there is a cap of what you can make and that’s it. Now, take that same hair stylist and he or she opens a salon with 20 stations. You can still see clients but now you have 19 stylists paying you rent to use that station ever month. You can then take those profits and open another salon. That’s how you make your money work for you. This is how you need to start thinking.

I have a healthy disrespect for authority. I can’t work for anyone. I am in this mindset for life. I thought it was funny how they made Juneteenth a holiday, which commemorates the end of slavery but there you are asking your boss if you can take time off.

If you can’t comprehend what I just wrote above, you just need to know three things:

1) Time is against you

2) Money is just paper with pictures on it.

3) Obtain the most amount of money in the least amount of time possible

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