• Jesse John Francis Clark

I'm Launching an App

People are always looking me up online and searching every social account looking to find dirt on me.

I no longer have social media.

I really do not want to be found on platforms where millions of other ding dongs consume content to get their dopamine fix.

Stop for a second and watch people walking their dog. They have the leash in one and the phone in the other and they are scrolling while walking their dog. The dog is walking them.

Anyway, since I no longer have social media, this site is my only platform.

Since you ding dongs can't seem to get enough of me, I am launching and app, just for you so you can download it and consume content from a high performance person and you’ll download it because you're addicted.

It will be available on Apple and Android by end the of this month.

Some quick stats from people who visit this site:

77.2% use a phone to visit my site while 21% use a desktop and 1.8% use a tablet

417 people have had their device compromised from clicking on my media page