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  • Jesse John Francis Clark

You Have No Idea Where Your Data Is Going

Jesse John Francis Clark

Cloud Storage is just someone else's computer. (Read that again)

A computer that you don't own or have control of.

Same goes with social media.

Facebook, Instagram, etc., can do whatever they want with your photos and videos.

It's stated in their Terms of Service.

Do you trust your files with someone else?

When you upload, you have no control where those files go.

They could be stored in the US, Germany, Australia, United Kingdom, etc.

You lose control as soon as you upload.

Data mining is rampant and currently legal.

The phone you carry around can be accessed by anyone, even the govt.

There is a reason why BlackBerry phones don't exist anymore. Namely, encryption.

BlackBerry did not want to hand over their encryption key to the govt., so the govt. killed them off.

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